90 minutes / 1W 3M

Jessica and Lorenzo are in love, but in order to be together they must plan an escape from her father's house, the Venetian ghetto, and her entire culture. Taking place in the gaps between The Merchant of Venice and the realities of Jewish history, Everything That Never Happened is a play about a father, a daughter, disguise, assimilation, pomegranates, and everything Shakespeare left out. 

  • Production, Carlotta Festival of New Plays, Yale School of Drama, 2017

  • First runner-up, Leah Ryan FEWW Emerging Playwright Prize, 2017

  • Writing Fellowship, The Playwrights Realm, 2017-2018

  • World premiere, Boston Court Pasadena, 2018

75 minutes / 2W, 2M

Rachel and Greg have just built a tiny house and now they need somewhere to park it. When Hannah and Neil offer their yard, the two couples become intertwined in ways they never expected. A play about the tiny house movement, pregnancy loss, surrogacy, the Northwest Passage, and the stories we tell and the stories we don’t.

  • Workshop production, Langston Hughes Festival, Yale School of Drama, 2015

  • Reading, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2016

  • Workshop, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, 2016

  • Finalist, New Harmony Project, 2016

  • Reading, Play By Play, 2016

  • Workshop, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 2018

90 minutes / 4W 2M

A love story told through the fight calls for all of Shakespeare’s onstage female death scenes. A play about the often invisible ripples of the stories we choose to tell and retell. About whether we can prepare ourselves for violence, for tragedy, or for love.

  • Reading, Yale School of Drama, 2016

  • Reading, with director Sarah Blush, 2017

70 minutes / 2W, 2M

Rose wants her light fixed, Liz doesn’t understand what a “really big favor” is, and Mrs. Galveston needs Jim to read her that big book even though it has no words. Can Jim handle eldercare for his clients and for his family? 

  • Workshop, The Foundry, 2013

  • Production, Yale Cabaret, 2016

  • Finalist, Leah Ryan FEWW, 2018

45 minutes / 2W, 3M

Two families teaching English overseas discover that their sons' deafness might be the only thing they have in common. A play about warm coats, globalization, code-switching, and the toppling of assumptions. 

  • New Play Labs, Yale School of Drama, 2014



10 minutes / 3M

Heracles has just murdered his wife and children. What should he do now? Suffer? Mourn? End his own life? Buy a smaller refrigerator?

10 minutes / 1W, 1M

Why can’t Mike just tell a bedtime story?

  • Reading, Philadelphia Theatre Company, PTC@Play, 2013

  • Reading, PlayPenn New Play Development, 2013

1 minute / 1W

Like a love letter to SEPTA. Except the opposite. 

  • Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival, 2013

10 minutes / 2M

A bookstore employee tries to remember the tricks of his trade, but a regular customer may be able to uninvent everything he thought he knew. Can he hold his ground even though his shirt is the same color as the baseboards?

  • Reading, PlayPenn New Play Development, 2009

  • Finalist, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Heideman Award, 2011

  • Reading, Philadelphia Theatre Company, PTC@Play, 2012